Our Commitment

Coffee and Tea, the most favorable drinks are typically come with variety of additional ingredients.
As cafes are mushrooming, coffee comes with plenty of serving choices.


One of the most delightful choices is the addition of creamer.


The best quality creamer comes with natural properties to increase the bliss taste of enjoying your coffee beverages.
Today's creamer industries offer various choices but not all of them present the highest level of quality. We are at Long River serve the best in every aspect.

All of the equipments are hygienist with standardized procedures of operation.
Hence, bring the quality consistency of the creamer we make.
Creating mutually profitable relationships is part of our service. Our hardworking teams are dedicated to prioritize the value.


We are committed to the excellence, accountability and responsibility in each role of performance. Not only settle locally but our target market involves areas throughout Indonesia and worldwide with the emphasis on product quality.

Our natural creamer with unique flavor speaks up the company's trustworthy among consumers as the green company.

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    • Qingdao  Long River Industry Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in non-diary creamer products. We use only the finest quality ingredients when crafting our creamer - ensuring the hygienist procedure to deliver the fresh and the best for consumers.

      It is our ...

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